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May 2007

Business is smelling like roses Down Under

All Sense Pty Ltd have partnered with ScentAir, the worldwide leader in scent selection, marketing and technology, to bring to Australia and New Zealand a unique range of dry air fragrance dispersion systems.

After sight, our sense of smell is the strongest of all human senses and the closest linked to memory and emotion.

So why you ask, has this powerful sense been neglected until now?

"Our systems," responds Ron Jansen, CEO of All Sense Pty Ltd, allow your business to control the direction, volume and even duration of the fragrance, lending a scientific application to harnessing the power of this sense -something that was not possible until recently."

Whilst the modern day consumer has learnt to block out unwanted audio & visual stimuli, we cannot turn off our sense of smell -and why would anyone want to when considering ScentAir's catalogue of over 1500 scents to choose from. Think olfactory flavours like 'pink bubblegum', 'cedar wood', 'eucalyptus mint', 'baby powder', or 'coconut beach'.

"Whilst studies have confirmed the power of scent in influencing sales,"
says Terry Jacobson, Director of Business Development for All Sense Pty Ltd, "
our offering is very similar to the carefully selected music compilations that are nowadays commonplace inside retail environments. If you like the song it positively influences your mood and most likely will increase your dwell time inside the environment. Life should smell good, and since you aren't forced to divert your attention as in the case of reading a page or a screen -it's a win-win situation."

Already reaping the benefits are an impressive global client base including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Sony Style, Macy's, Abercrombie and Fitch, Lucky Brand Jeans, Jimmy Choo and hotels chains the caliber of the Sheraton and the Westin.

ScentAir maintains a leading edge in this substantial growth market by using a patented dry air technology, which means clients don't need to deal with any oils, and there is no residue left behind on either the scent player or on products. Additionally systems are made from post consumer materials with most components 100% recyclable.

And if 1500+ fragrances don't raise a nostril, ScentAir creates signature scents too. Waft by a Westin Hotel in your region to experience a light and refreshing white tea welcome, an exclusive scent especially developed and deployed for this international group.

Today every industry -from hospitals to hotels, casinos to car dealerships; is learning how both company and consumer can benefit from the power of scent.

Let us inspire you with what the power of scent can do for your business. Call us today on 02 9817 5133 or visit

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ScentAir is distributed in Australasia by All Sense Pty Ltd

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