Relaxing and Soothing Scents

Create an environment that chases cares away with a Relaxing and Soothing aroma. Calming fragrances such as Lavender, Herbal Mist and Quiet Stream soothe your customers and open their minds.
Let a Relaxing and Soothing fragrance draw your customers in and tempt them to kick off their cares and cozy-in. We’re sure they’ll want to stay awhile.


Suggested Passionate and Sensual Scents:

-Ocean Mist
-French Vanilla
-Herbal Mist
-Coconut Beach

-Juniper Aloe
-Quiet Stream
-Lavender Vanilla
Find the right scent to suit you.
Are you creating a business experience that is....?

Crisp & Refreshing | Warm and Inviting | Fresh and Clean | Invigorating and Stimulating | Relaxing and Soothing
Luxurious and Sophisticated |Exotic and Tropical |
Fragrant and Floral | Passionate and Sensual |
Fun and Whimsical
| Holiday and Seasonal |

Relaxing and Soothing Scents
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