Exotic and Tropical Scents

Captivate your customers by bringing the mysterious and sensual elements of the Far East or South Pacific to your business with an Exotic and Tropical fragrance.
Sultry and erotic fragrances such as Coconut Beach, Island Breeze and Vanilla Grapefruit will capture the right mood in your business. Whatever the choice, Exotic and
Tropical scents are sure to draw attention to your world.


Suggested Exotic and Tropical Scents:

-Fresh Citrus
-Vanilla Grapefruit
-Ocean Mist
-Island Breeze
-Banana Taffy

-Coconut Beach
-Green Mango
-Juniper Aloe
-Piña Colada
-South Sea Island
Find the right scent to suit you.
Are you creating a business experience that is....?

Crisp & Refreshing | Warm and Inviting | Fresh and Clean | Invigorating and Stimulating | Relaxing and Soothing
Luxurious and Sophisticated |Exotic and Tropical |
Fragrant and Floral | Passionate and Sensual |
Fun and Whimsical
| Holiday and Seasonal |

Exotic and Tropical Scents
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